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 Money Math Problems

Give change in euros worksheets

With the money math website you can practice money math in euros online. There is no need for printing out money math worksheets. No more money math exercises to correct.

The fourth part of our online money math game is all about returning the exact change. On the cash register you can read how much the customer has to pay. Under the cash register you can see how much the customer has paid. Now you are the shopkeeper and you have to give back the exact change. Place the requested change on the counter with the coins and bills of the cash register. With OK you can check your answer. Above the counter you'll get a message indicating if your answer was correct. The score will be adjusted . Choose NEXT for an other math exercise. Good luck with our money math problems on giving exact change.

Give change in euros correctly

We have created 8 math levels for money math problems - give change. Choose your money math level:

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